Whiteboard Animation Outsourcing Business

Whiteboard Video Explainers are the most popular, most impactful and most inexpensive option for a Website owner to engage their audience.

What Happens When a Sale Takes Place?

Very reliable Supplier with a proven track record, together with a backup Supplier. This site runs on Autopilot if you have reasonable communication skills. No customer Phone or Skype Calls required. Just forwarding emails or Skype Text Messages.


When a Customer purchases a Package, you simply place the order with the Supplier who delivers the service direct to your Customer leaving you with $67- $163 Profit per Customer.


How Much You Will Make

Package A

120 words

$99 (your charge)

$32 (your supplier cost)

$67 Profit

Package B

240 words

$189 (your charge)

$59 (your supplier cost)

$130 Profit

Package C

360 words

$249 (your charge)

$86 (your supplier cost)

$163 Profit


Your Customers Gives You


1. A written voiceover script up to 120-360 words long with the preference of male or female vocal.

2. Logo and Website URL which best represents their business.

3. Background Color they want for their Video.


YOU FORWARD THIS TO YOUR SUPPLIER (just a cut and paste job)


Your Supplier Delivers Directly to Your Customer  


1. A professional voiceover which matches the 120-360 word script.

2. Royalty-free background music included.

3.Library of drawings inspired by the script included.

4. Free 720p HD resolution.

5. Delivery of the video in any format.

6. Unlimited revisions until your Customer is satisfied.

Now you can be the middle man taking a healthy profit from each order without the hassle of creating and delivering services to the Customer yourself.

What Are You Getting

Free Hosting Permanently

Because we own a dedicated server with space for 10,000+ websites, it’s easy for us to keep all of your files on our secure server.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now the way to drive traffic. We use customized social media marketing plans to help turn our clients’ interest groups into customer’s.

Premium Webdesign

We not only design our websites to look great; we also design them to be easy to use on all devices from desktops and laptops to mobile phones etc.

Supplier Contact Information

We’ll provide you with the Suppler/backup Supplier so you don’t have to worrry about it.

Very Limited Time Offer $395