How To Start a Reseller Business From Home 

work from home white label reseller program website reseller program start reseller business seo white label reseller program reseller program reseller business make money as reseller how to start a reseller business home based business business  Starting a reseller business could be a lot easier and cheaper than you think! Do you want an easy business you can start that requires minimal financial investment, little to no inventory maintenance, digital and IT products, and a lucrative income?

A reseller business may be just what you need to join the ranks of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are creating their own wealth.


What is a reseller business?

A reseller business It’s simply a website where you act as the middle man between your customer and the supplier. For example, you purchase an item from a supplier and your supplier delivers the item directly to your customer. The customer pays you $800, you pay the supplier $400, and keep $400 for yourself. You’ve just earned cash for simply acting as a go-between.

Due to its relative simplicity and ease, a reseller business is a popular start-up, home-based businesses choice. The following six steps will show you how to start a profitable reseller business of your own and say goodbye to your 9-5 job forever.


STEP ONE: Pick A Reseller Business With Profitable Niche With Limited Competition

Start by deciding what you want to sell. It’s a good idea to specialize in one category per website. Doing so makes it easier to identify your target market, hyper-focus your marketing efforts, and identify the best suppliers. For example, you might choose to focus on reselling high-end, luxury men’s footwear.

a) Your target market becomes men with a significant amount of disposable income, a penchant for fashion, and an interest in their appearance.

b) You’re able to focus your marketing efforts in the websites, digital and paper magazines, and fashion-related blogs your target market frequents.

c) You can search for and build a mutually beneficial relationship with the suppliers with the best name brand footwear, the most favorable reseller terms, and the ability to ship directly to your buyer with your label and branding.


STEP TWO: Create A Reseller Business Plan That Keeps You Focused & On Track

Don’t think in terms of a 50-page document you can take to the bank in search of a loan. Instead, think of a simple one-to five-page document that can serve as a stick-to-it plan that helps you stay focused and on track. Ideally, your reseller  business plan should:

a) describe your business, including the products you offer

b) includes details about your target market to help identify the best way to reach them

c) outline the marketing steps you intend to use

d) list the tracking methods that will help determine marketing next steps

e) include a plan for finding the best suppliers for your business


STEP THREE: Set Up An Eye-Catching Reseller Business Site With A Compelling Call To Action

One of the best features of a reseller business is the ability to work exclusively online from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve established a home office or other workspace, you’ll need to set up a website.

a) Start by choosing a website design that appeals to your target market. For the men’s luxury footwear example given above, you’ll want a website with a strong masculine appeal.

b) Next, choose a domain name that contains your keyword. For instance, won’t grab as much attention or hold as much appeal as

c) WordPress has two options for building a website that requires no coding or HTML skills. is the simplest to set up, but offer more flexible ecommerce options. Choose the option you’re most comfortable working with and spend the time it takes to make your website as visually appealing and easy to navigate as possible. If you’re working alone, this may take a considerable amount of time.

If you choose to work with us, we have the skill and expertise to get you up and running in no time. Also, be sure to offer a simple payment gateway like Paypal. It’s familiarity and security features make it appealing to most customers while it’s affordability and ease of use make it appealing to many entrepreneurs and small business owners.


STEP FOUR: Find The Best Suppliers For Your Reseller Business With The Most Favorable Terms

Because brands vary, you may need to find more than one supplier to service your clientele. Some good ways to find suppliers are online directories, freelance suppliers, reseller organizations, and vendor guides. Look for suppliers who offer:

a) A wide range of your selected items

b) A big variety of sizes, shapes, and colors

c) Direct-to-consumer delivery options

d) Relabeling products with your branding and company info

e) All-inclusive pricing


STEP FIVE: Market Your Reseller Business Like A Maniac

Ideally, you should be engaged in marketing your new business on a daily basis. Marketing includes everything you do to make your target market and ideal client aware that you exist. Start with a mix of marketing activities and keep track of which are producing interest and which are producing sales. Using the men’s luxury fashion footwear as an example, again, some marketing activities you can try include:


a) A men’s fashion blog

b) Social media pages that include links to your website

c) Relationships with influencers in your industry

At their heart, the most successful small businesses solve a problem. Choose a product you can resell that easily and affordably solves a problem for the ideal client in your niche market. Doing so will make your product easier to market and lead to more sales which lead to more profits. Other steps on the road to reseller business success, include:

1) Networking with your target market to let them know what you have available

2) Networking with strategic partners (fellow business owners who come into regular contact with your target market).

3) Example: A men’s footwear reseller would make an ideal strategic partnership with a men’s suit reseller.

4) Learning how to communicate value to your target market without underselling yourself.


STEP SIX: Identify The Help & Resources You Need For Your Reseller Business 

One of the biggest mistakes startups make is trying to go it alone. At Resellers Site Hub, we have everything you need to start a resellers business you can be proud of. Our services include everything from:

a) Professional web design

b) Niche analysis

c) Website hosting

d) Keyword research

e) Digital and IT services you can resell with no IT experience

f) Showing you how to create multiple streams of income

We help you put all the pieces together to form a business that creates the income you need to live the life you deserve with the independence you’ve been looking for.


Why Successful Resellers Work With Us

On our website, you’ll be able to see testimonials from other business owners who have used our system to create successful businesses of their own, like David H. from Wellington, New Zealand, who says, “There is so much confusion on how to make money online these days. I didn’t even know where to start and was lucking enough to have been referred by a friend who has three websites and has now quit his full- time job to focus on growing his reseller business. I have a site in my area of interest and I can…concentrate on driving traffic to the site because it gives such a great return on investment and profit margin.”


How You Can Get Started Today

Are you ready for the next glowing testimonial to be yours? When you’re ready to start earning a full-time income, our all in one packages are just what you need to jump start a business of your very own. Contact us today to see the live websites we have available now. Your business will thank you!



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