Do you think like an entrepreneur? Are you dissatisfied with a 9-5 job and working underneath a hierarchy? Consider starting a home business with a job you can commit to at your own leisure. Starting a low-cost business from home means you don’t have to answer to a boss and can work from the comfort of your home whichever way you please.

Many people are opting to run their own business instead of working for one because it offers them more flexibility and an ability to capitalize on their creativity. You need to figure out what business suits you best. Will it be based on a particular skill set? How much you can invest in it? This article will help you decide which sort of low cost business idea you should go

40 Low Cost Business Ideas


A service like Upwork has unlimited possibilities. It connects freelancers from all over the world to people who require their services. All you have to do is fill in your profile, and the algorithms will ensure you are connected to jobs that fit your demands. It is a safe method to establish relationships with clients, grow your clientele, and get paid on time. As far as home business ideas with low startup costs go, this one is probably the cheapest because it’s free to sign up.

Social Media Consultant

Business on social media is at an all-time high and a lucrative industry that doesn’t seem to deteriorate in earning potential or followers. Do more than just scroll through your feed and make money through a vast network of clients. Popular bases like Google and Twitter offer certifications for this job too. This isn’t just a low cost business idea but one that might be fun too.

Content Writing

Most people only need sufficient grammar and writing skills and some experience. Content writing is a large market. If you have a degree, the chances are that you know the ins and outs of academic writing. A ton of websites are available online that hire writers for academic writing. You can also write blogs for people. It’s a steady industry with a lot of options to pick from.

Online Author

You can easily become the author of the next bestselling eBook. This is especially great for women who would like to make money but can’t go out of their homes. Many online publishers and websites make it easy for people to sell their books without taking a large cut.


If you have a good eye for fashion, turn that into an asset and make some money. Go online and set up a profile or send your CV to people looking for personal stylists. This way, you can shop online for people and make a good amount of money in the process. For low cost business ideas, this can take you far if you utilize it properly.


A great home business idea with low startup costs would be catering for small parties or groups. Don’t keep your cooking skills limited to your own kitchen; share them with other people and become a successful caterer. Large catering services are often accused of mismanagement and don’t live up to the quality they promise. The most you would have to do is invest in some ingredients for tasting beforehand which you can charge a small fee for. Check out sushi catering boston

Book Reviewer

There is never a shortage of people who need their books reviewed. If you don’t want to be a writer but prefer to read instead, market yourself as a paid reviewer. This way, you get to spend time reading free books and offer a critique on them.

Product Reviewer

This low cost business idea is underrated and results in many benefits. You can ask individuals to send a free sample of their products and review them. You can try and involve more than one person in your business to review those products and write positive reviews about them either on the seller’s page or as independent articles and charge accordingly. When you are done, you get to either keep the product or sell it off. Check out this sample at Top Bamboo Products 

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Online Tutor

You can offer to tutor students privately through Skype or FaceTime sessions. This saves the cost and inconvenience of traveling. Some universities require online instructors for their courses and if you meet the criteria, you are allowed to record lectures online.

Voiceover Artist

This low cost business idea isn’t as cheap as the rest of them, but the cost of buying some equipment would provide long-term benefits. If treated well, good equipment can last for years. Companies require voiceover artists to produce content almost regularly, so establishing a long-term relationship with them can do wonders for your career and make a stellar impression on your portfolio. Freelancing in this field is another great home business idea with low startup costs.

Website or Application Developer

Almost every other business, artist, author or institution needs a website. From games to networking, frequent jobs are posted online for the development of apps, but good developers are hard to come by. If you have the skills for developing applications or websites, why not take into consideration this home business idea with low startup costs? If you don’t already know coding, free courses are available online and you can get your business up and running in no time. You can even develop an app to connect developers to customers!

Fashion Designer

You can sell your sketches to people who demand unique outfits and designs. Some people can’t take the time to choose their own clothes and need people to select their entire outfits, from clothing to jewelry and accessories.

Online Boutique

Try selling limited editions or one-of-a-kind clothes online and watch shopaholics and collectors alike flock to your store. The consumer’s need to wear unique clothing is a seller’s dream. The costs will include setting up a dropshipping website or a seller profile on some store and investing in fabric and a sewing machine unless you already have the latter. If you are good at this profitable business, you might even gain local or national fame.


People online are making money using ads by simply writing about their day, offering tips or reviewing places and even reach the heights of fame. Many choose to share unique things about their lifestyle. There is a growing market for intellectual bloggers online. Google AdSense is an excellent way method of making money through blogs.


Due to globalization and an increase in foreign relations between countries, there is a high demand for translators in the market. Translators can charge by the hour. If you are multilingual, this low cost business idea is the best for you. You can even hire others and run the business while employing a group of individuals.

Personal Coach

Many people require extrinsic motivation. As a personal coach, you would usually just have to make calls and write emails or texts. There is no need to be present or motivate them in person. People will even pay more if you can come up with strategies to help them out of a runt or organize their daily routines.

Virtual Assistant

Being an online assistant pays a good sum, especially if you are assisting more than one person. You can do it temporarily or sign a long-term contract with people who are looking for someone to make calls, book tickets, make reservations, fix schedules and manage their calendars.


You will have to invest in a quality camera and tripod for this, but it is still among our low cost business ideas. People who require you to photograph in specific places usually pay for the travel cost. You can set up your portfolio online and provide details for bookings. People tend to pay a large sum for covering private parties like baby showers, birthdays and graduation ceremonies.


Consciousness about food intake has increased, and people are looking toward dieticians for guidance. If you are a nutritionist or even a great cook, you can get paid to plan people’s meals for them. You can either stick to only planning or even start a healthy or selective diet food delivery service for people at offices, hostels, and homes.

Complete Surveys

Completing paid surveys for cash provides a steady flow of income, especially if you are a stay-at-home parent looking forward to making some extra cash while taking care of the kids or a university student who does not have time for a hands-on experience. There are numerous websites available online that pay you to take surveys for them.


If you have ever followed a YouTube celebrity, you would be aware of how luxurious their lives can be. See if there’s any skill you might want to display online, and you can make money off that. An increase in popularity could lead to people sponsoring your interests or selling personal merchandise online.
Singing, dancing, gaming, arts and crafts, and cooking videos garner a wide interest. You might even profit from putting up pet videos online!


You can either individually babysit people’s kids or start an informal daycare at your house with minimal costs incurred. Busy or single parents will greatly contribute to this home business. You might want to invest in things like extra diapers and pacifiers, depending on how old the kids left with you are. You also have to be careful with the children. Negligence can lead to disasters and furious parents.

Pet Hostel

When traveling, people can rarely take their pets along with them. Instead of individually pet-sitting, try opening a small center or hostel for pets while their owners are away. You need to be attentive toward the pets. It won’t cost much because you can ask the owners for pet food. Furthermore, specific instructions given by owners make the job easier and you can cuddle and take care of little animals.

House Sitting

Sometimes people prefer having their houses taken care of and maintained while they are away, especially for long trips. You can take long jobs or manage more than one house at a time as long as you are fulfilling your duties and amass great capital from it all. Alternatively, you can consider housekeeping.

Travel Assistant

No, this doesn’t mean you have to pack your own bags and travel. It means you have to ensure people travel smoothly and without any difficulties. Travel planning can require booking two-way tickets, making reservations at restaurants, booking rooms at hotels, planning car rentals and incorporating tours and guides if necessary. If you think you are good at management, try your hand at becoming a travel assistant. The best thing about doing this from your home is that you can do it for several people at a time.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Almost everyone who can afford a personal trainer is looking for one, so if you are a gym freak, it is time to put those skills to good use on somebody other than yourself. You can help customize exercises and workout routines for people and assure they become stronger, leaner or fitter according to their requirements. You can charge high for this because this may sometimes require you to be present, but most of it can be performed online.


If you are an expert at providing or preparing specific diets or specific cuisines, such as sushi catering there is a high chance people are willing to pay you for your services, especially due to time constraints on their own schedule. You can charge extra for special menus, vegetarian-only diets or lactose- and dairy-exclusive diets.


When people bring their children home, they become concerned about them getting hurt. Young children, especially toddlers, are vulnerable in their homes which are primarily meant for adults. Accidents occur in the form of children tripping or falling down the stairs, hurting themselves on sharp corners or opening cabinets, and swallowing small objects they can choke on. Childproofing requires care but, fortunately for you, does not have as large a supply as there is demand. Check Here melrose daycare center

Floral Arrangements

If you are using your own plants and flowers, you will need to bear the cost of growing them and taking care of them. This low cost business idea can be planted in your backyard and prove to be a profitable business if you have unique flower arrangements to present. You can make more money if you safely deliver the flowers as well. Customers often complain about wilted flowers or damaged arrangements. You are more likely to assure the safety and quality of the product if you do the deliveries yourself and can charge more.


You can take up small projects like maintaining people’s gardens or even backyards. You might have to extend your services beyond just mowing lawns, but customers will pay for all the equipment or will already have it in their sheds. You can plant small vegetable gardens or herb gardens. Raking up leaves or shoveling snow will suffice when the weather makes it difficult to garden or grow.

Bed and Breakfast

It’s great if you have an unused barn or a floor of your house you don’t occupy. However, if you don’t already have space, it would cost a lot to buy and maintain it, so we don’t recommend buying more room unless you have the money. Services like Airbnb allow you to rent out your room to people for a limited amount of time and it is easy to maintain a flow of customers. You can add additional charges for services like food and drinks, a tour of the locality, room service and housekeeping.

Delivery Service

For this, it is important to have a car or bike with storage space. You can deliver specific items like groceries or food, or you can provide a pick-and-drop service for anything people want to order. For instance, you can deliver somebody’s dry cleaning back to them or pick up a package from the airport.
Make sure you charge for gas money or else the costs will add up and place you in a deficit.

Pick-and-Drop Service

You can pick and drop children from school or use a smaller, more careful van service than school buses. This can work well with a demographic where kids go to private schools from different locations and need private transportation that can cater specifically to their timings. You will require a larger vehicle for this. Ensure that the upkeep and gas prices don’t exceed the profit you are trying to make.

Beauty Treatments

If you don’t have enough money to buy an entire salon and employ others but have school loans racked up, try learning how to cut hair and do makeup and other beauty treatments like facials, manicures, and pedicures. You can invite people to your own house or go to theirs. It is better if you already have these skills because an angry customer is sure to spread negative reviews, therefore damaging your business. It will cost more if you prefer to go to beauty school, so keep the educational costs to a minimum by earning a diploma instead.

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Wedding Planner

This is a dependable industry because people are tying knots left, right and center. Those who can afford it would rather spend their time making memories and cherishing them instead of fussing over decorations and catering. Try looking for ads or track down a friend or relative who might be getting married soon. The number of offers you receive will increase as your portfolio gains weight. All you have to do is inquire about their preferences, offer them options you have already narrowed down and manage a budget.


Hospitals don’t provide this, and people are mistrustful of elder homes due to news about negligence or abuse, which is why they prefer not to outsource the care of their elderly. You might need medical knowledge and professional caretaking skills for this and possibly a license. If you don’t already have a
license, you will have to invest in one. This is a continuous industry because people don’t stay young forever.


Online records are preferable over physical records anyways, so if you are good enough at mathematics and can handle people’s accounts, you can do small-scale accounting for them and keep their balances in check. People with money will always need personal accountants, especially those who need to keep an eye on their budget.


If you are anywhere near a university or a corporate area, your washing machine will come in handy. Students and business people alike don’t have time to wash, iron and fold their clothes when they could be studying or making money. Spend money on a website or learn how to make and operate one and launch your business.


All sorts of professions require transcribers. For instance, lawyers at a deposition require transcriptions of depositions. People like lecturers and videographers need somebody to provide a transcript. If you have good listening skills, a fast typing speed, and patience, this might be the job for you. You can sit at home going through tapes and videos to make money. This is an easy home business idea to carry out.

Arts and Crafts

You can open an Etsy shop or even your own website to sell unique items that you create in your own house. These could include decorative items, homemade sweaters, and little trinkets. If you have an artistic side, you could make paintings, sculptures, portraits, and sketches. If you choose to go online through your own website, you could also take paid commissions.

Social media platforms like Instagram can help you display your portfolio online and attract customers toward your website. You would have to invest in art supplies, so remain mindful of those costs. We hope these home-based low cost business ideas will help you decide your future business ventures without risking bankruptcy. We recommend using our services the White Label Reseller Program that allows you to make profits without having the skills yourself.

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